FormFutura Reform PLA

ReForm rPLA is likely to be the most sustainable PLA filament on the market. This filament is completely made from renewed content. There are no virgin fossil- or natural resources used. The most used polymer in 3D printing is now available in a far more sustainable filament option. ReFom rPLA comes in a range of deep colors. The formulation of ReForm rPLA is exactly the same as our EasyFil PLA. A proven formulation for printability and high quality 3D printing.

ReForm rPLA profiles are available on the Ultimaker Marketplace. ReForm rPLA is an approved and validated partner material.

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  • Reform Spool Size (g)
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Filament Colors
Reform Colors Black or White or Elephant Grey or Caramel or Moss Grey or Sangria Red or Turkish Blue or Venom Green
Spool Sizes
Reform Spool Size (g) 250g or 1000g or 2300g or 3500g or 4500g
Filament Diameter
Diameter (mm) 1.75mm or 2.85mm